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How the Air Purifier Improves Indoor Air Quality?

by Admin May 15, 2019

While much attention has been paid to curbing outdoor air pollution, a more dangerous threat for most people in the air quality inside their homes. Because the air inside residences, buildings, and structures does not circulate with the same volume compared to the outdoors, the air particles, pollen, chemicals, and more tend to stay in the same place.

This is where an air purifier comes into play, circulating the air and cleaning away the many particles that otherwise would affect your health. UNbeaten UN103 Air Purifier is one of the more celebrated purifiers that efficiently clean the air so you can breathe healthier and easier.

How It Works

Air purifiers for the home mostly work by pulling the air through its fan which is located below the filter. Most filters consist of charcoal, carbon, or other substances that trap the small particles in the air itself such as the following but not limited

- Chemical Vapors

- Pollen

- Dust Mites

- Odors

- Pet Dander

- Smoke and More

The filter traps the particles and the fan pulls the purified air through and out the other side. This means that the room is cleaned of such particles even when they are reintroduced. The overall concept of the air purifier has remained relatively the same over the years. However, new models have vastly improved the overall air quality while remaining durable, long-lasting, and easy to use like the UNbeaten UN103.

Why Choose the UN103 Air Purifier?

There are good reasons why you should choose the UN103 as the air purifier for your home. This is especially true if you keep pets indoors.

Efficient Design: The UN103 is small, simple, and easy to use. This means that you can set it up in your living room, bedroom, or den. The device itself is small enough to be inconspicuous, yet more than large enough to purify the air inside a room. The simple design does its job to help to reduce indoor air impurities while helping you to breathe healthier.

Silent: One issue that many have with air purifier products is the noise they make, especially at night. Light sleepers can tell. The UN103 is equipped with sleep mode which allows you to sleep peacefully in a comparatively silent environment while still cleaning the air. This makes it the perfect choice for the bedroom use.

Settings: You can run the UN103 air purifier under three different fan speeds depending on the size of the room. This means that even if you have a large living room, the UN103 will clean the air efficiently. Plus, the product is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and an 18-month warranty for peace of mind.

If you are considering purchasing an air purifier, the UN103 should be at the top of the list. It removes indoor airborne pollutants and the many particles such as pet dander, dust, smoke, chemical vapors, and more thanks to its proven system. Plus, it is 100% OZONE FREE, which means it does not use UV or ions which generate ozone that is hazardous to our lungs.  So, improve the air quality of your home today with UN103 air purifier.

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