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UN093 Tower Air Purifier with HEPA Filter Black

[Safe for maternity and babies] UN093 air purifier is 100% ozone free without any UV light or ionizers which could produce measurable amount of ozone, a harmful airborne pollutant that hurt our lungs. Feel free to use this unit in children's room or anyone with allergies.

[Cleans 99.97% pollutants] This unit is equipped with 3 stage filtration - Pre-filter, True HEPA Filter, & Activated Carbon Filter. 99.97% of airborne pollutants, such as dust mites, pet dander, pollen and other particles as small as 0.3 microns, can be captured with this HEPA air purifier.

[Whisper Quiet] With sleep mode, this air purifier produces less noise while cleans the air to ensure you a restful night and improve your sleep quality.

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Why UNbeaten? 
We promise 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, We remove all risk. You have no need to worry about not loving your purchase as we promise to return 100% of your money if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.


Why You Need an Air Purifier? 
Dust Remover: Dust elimination for an overall fresher, particles are invisible to the naked eye, but you can know it's useful from the no longer whited filter. 
Allergen Remover: Ideal for allergy sufferers. 
Odor Eliminator: Helps to reduce odors and volatile organic compounds (VOC) at some degree. 
Pet Dander Grabber: Remove the pet dander let you breathe the fresh air in home. 
Smoke Grabber: Help reduce pollutants associated with second-hand smoke.


How does UN093 air purifier work? 
UNbeaten air purifier captures 99.97% of air borne pollutants, while you and your family breathe in the fresh results. 
Pre-filter neutralize airborne bacteria, mold, and fungi. It also catches dander and pet hair.
Charcoal Filter, purifies various household odors such as cooking smells, pet odors, and cigarette smoke. 
True HEPA Filter then traps dust mites, large particles, and pollen. 



You also need to know
Power Supply (only): AC 120V / 60 Hz. 
Please remove the plastic bag of the composite filter before running the air purifier. 
Please check the filter's color to relieve your concern on whether the device is purifying the air.


Features of UN093 HEPA air purifier
3 Fan Speed Settings: low, medium, high speed to meet different needs.
Noise Level: sleep mode 32 dB, Max 58 dB. 
Power Consumption : 45 Watts. 
Dimension & weight: Standing 21.3 inches tall, and it's super lightweight 9 lb. 
CADR: 160+ perfect to fit in 210 sq.ft rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms, kids playroom, etc.


  • Q: How long should I run this hepa air filter each day?
    A: You can run it 24 hours in a day if you need. We recommend you to turn it off when there's no one in the house.
  • Q: Is the filter washable?
    A: No it's not washable. The filter is recommended to be replaced every 6 months, depending on the air quality around.
  • Q: Is this unit safe for maternity?
    A: Yes we can say it's safe for maternity and babies as it's 100% ozone free.
  • Q: Where do I buy the filters?
    A: You can find the filter here
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1 x Black air purifier 
1 x Composite air filter (Inside Body) 
1 x User Manual

  • Q C February 26,2019

    I was very impressed with this air purifier, I already own one from another company working in my living room, It’s very simple to use .when I get up at night to use the bathroom or get a drink of water.

  • Roberta D Rodriguez March 28,2019
    Works great

    Works great! I have A LOT of cats, and friends/family with cat allergies can visit now without allergic reactions:) The only down side is that I haven’t found replacement filters, so I’m having to vacuum the one it came with :/

  • yami December 18,2018
    Amazing air purifier for smoker

    I am so happy with this air purifier! I could tell the difference In Air quality after only 2 hours. After 3 days on the medium setting, I checked out the carbon filter and it has already collected a good amount of dust, definitely a nice design because my air quality is improving.
    It is necessary for me to buy air cleaner.because my husband is a smoker , my family have pollen allergens ,I am really surprised that a unit like this could make such a difference.I have a new life since I got this Hepa air purifier.little dusty things no longer floating in the air and no need to endure the taste of cigarettes.
    I'm really happy with the look and performance of this room air purifiers, so I'd recommend this 

  • Krystal Luciano January 18,2019
    The cat's meow

    I too am a cat owner. With this purifier I have experienced better air quality. I've had it for a short time and am impressed. Nicely packaged and easy to get started. I live in a basement so it's a bonus that it circulates my air nicely on the highest setting.

  • jimmy December 25,2018
    Best choice for room air purifiers

    This air cleaner came well packaged. I have used a couple of different air filters but I like this the most. I have a cat accompany me because of living alone. I purchased this air purifier because the dust,hair and pet dander was often trouble me.I can't say how good it is, but I can smell difference of air.The Air Purifier was easy to put together. You simply unwrap the Purifier and install the unwrapped filter and you are ready to plug it in. The lowest setting is very quiet, but it gets louder as it pushes out more air...which is expected. I only wish it can have timer function,if so will be more perfect.because i always forgot to turn it off when I left home. If you are a pet owner at some point you will want to get one of these, and I don't think you will be disappointed with this odor eliminator air purifier.

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