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M3 Essential Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier

[Ultrasonic Cool Mist] Safely provides fresh air, moisturizes skin, relieves stress, improves quality of sleep. This Diffuser can be used as an aroma-therapy, aqua-therapy and light-therapy; also as a non-aromatherapy humidifier.
[Humanized Function] Whisper-quiet operation, auto shut-off when the default run time of the working mode is up, 7 LED lights function and BPA free material. Quiet, Safety and Health! Make you comfortable everywhere!
[Adjustable Humidity] The ideal humidity is often cited as 45%, but some people may prefer a slightly more or less humid environment. You can use the diffuser to find your prefect humidity which make you feel more comfortable while breathing.
[USB charge] Portable for bedroom, baby room, office, gym, yoga and SPA, continuous/intermittent operation with a good output of mist 35ml/H.

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UNbeaten 200ml Cool Mist Humidifier
Ultrasonic humidifiers use powerful sound waves to generate a layer of fine mist that helps moisten the air.

Babies and small children are especially susceptible to dry air, and small nasal passages mean that stuffy noses are especially miserable. Many parents like to use humidifiers especially designed for little ones to provide comfort when sleeping.

A humidifier is an appliance that keeps a room at the optimum humidity level by adding moisture to the air.

UNbeaten 200ml Humidifier can provide fresh air, moisturize skin, relieve stress, improve quality of sleep, with BPA free material, it is the most perfect and safest humidifier for babies, the aged and pregnant women.



You Also Need to Know

Oil is not included in the package.
To prolong the lifetime of the item, please keep it dry when storing.
Pure water or tap water is recommended.
Do not use any medical diluent or phenethyl alcohol to clean the diffuser.
Pure essential oils are harmful for pets. Please avoid using it where the pet can reach.
DO NOT add hot water or corrosive liquid into the tank


  • Q: Can I add essential oil into it?
    A: Sure you can add essential oil into the tank with water.
  • Q: Does it come with a plug
    A: No it doesn't come with a plug. It's USB charge
  • Q: Is it possible to use in the car?
    A: Yes it's portable. Anywhere there's a USB charge you can use this humidifier.
  • Q: What is the dimensions?
    A: It's 25cm high and about 10cm wide.
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1x 200ml Humidifier (Essential Oil Not Included)
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual

  • Lyn April 04,2019
    Just what I needed

    I was having trouble sleeping for many reasons. I bought this and my husband, who was dubious about the whole thing,now sets it up every night for me. I am not saying my sleeping is any better but the whole room is now enveloped with whatever smell we want it to be. Glad I bought it

  • amanda cowan March 11,2019

    Love it so nice just need to find out what oil to use that’s safe for my dogs

  • Kunde March 07,2019
    Ein sehr schöner kleiner praktischer luftbefeuchter

    Ein sehr schöner kleiner praktischer luftbefeuchter. Einfach zu bedienen. Aufdrehen. Etwas Wasser rein. Nach Belieben duftöl. Mit Kabel anschließen und Knopf drücken. Beim etwas längeren drücken geht die LED Beleuchtung an. Farben wechseln. Man kann auch eine Farbe fixieren. Oder eben Komplet ausschalten. Es ist sehr leise daher prima für die Nacht. Ich mag es nicht mehr missen.


  • fischxxl January 27,2019

    Kleiner aber feiner Luftbefeuchter!
    Grosses Fassungsvermögen, gute und nahezu lautlose Verdampfung. Füllung hält bei vollem Betrieb etwa 4h, bei Intervallbetrieb etwa 8h. Beleuchtungsfunktion zuschaltbar. Stromversorgung über Micro-USB.
    Man kann auch etwas Duftöl reinmachen für einen guten Geruch im Zimmer.
    Läuft seit Tagen fast ununterbrochen, sehr zu empfehlen!


  • Sven March 02,2019
    Klein aber TOP

    Das Gerät war doch kleiner als gedacht aber dies ist nicht weiter tragisch. Ganz im Gegenteil, so passt das Gerät wirklich überall hin und die Bedienung ist Kinderleicht.
    Die Verarbeitung ist auch vollkommen ok und es gibt eigentlich nichts an dem ich bisher was aussetzen könnte.

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