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Cool Mist Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser

【Oil diffuser】: Use this humidifier as a oil diffuser simply adding a few drops of essential oil in it mixed with tap water or distilled water, it creates therapeutic benefits with specific oils and of course, relaxing.
【Auto Shut-Off】: With auto shut-off function, this humidifier turns off automatically if the default run time of the working mode is up.
【Compact and Lightweight Design】: This USB Essential Oil Diffuser is easy to carry and portable. It fits multiple home interior design, office, and even perfectly fits most vehicle cup holder as well.
【Adjustable Humidity】: The ideal humidity is often cited as 45%, but some people may prefer a slightly more or less humid environment. You can use the diffuser to find your prefect humidity which make you feel more comfortable while breathing. Not Wireless.

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Ultrasonic humidifiers use powerful sound waves to generate a layer of fine mist that helps moisten the air.


Babies and small children are especially susceptible to dry air, and small nasal passages mean that stuffy noses are especially miserable. Many parents like to use humidifiers especially designed for little ones to create a comfortable atmosphere when sleeping.


A humidifier can keep a room at the optimum humidity level by adding moisture to the air. Specially perfect for people with dry skins, or use it any time when you want to relax. 



UNbeaten 200ml Humidifier helps to moisturize your skin, relieve stress, improve quality of sleep, and freshen the air. It's BPA free and safest enough for babies, the aged and pregnant women.


This humidifier/oil diffuser does not come with a plug. It's USB charge. 
Oil is not included in the package.
Pure water or tap water is recommended. 
Do not use medical diluent or phenethyl alcohol to clean the diffuser.
Pure essential oils are harmful to pets. Please use the item where the pets can not reach.
Do not add hot water or corrosive liquid into the tank.



Rated voltage: DC 5V
Rated power : ≤ 3W 
Noise: ≤ 32db
Water tank capacity: 200ML 
Product weight: 143g
Product size: 2.7*2.7*5.9inch 
Coverage: 100-250 sq.ft
Material: ABS+PP, electronic components

  • Q: Does it come with a plug
    A: No. It comes with a USB cable. You can use it with the plug as well.
  • Q: Does this diffuser work with the light off?
    A: Yes. You can use it with the light off or mist off
  • Q: What water temperature does it allow?
    A: Use tap water or distilled water is fine. Do not add hot water or corrosive liquid into the tank.
  • Q: What's the area does it cover
    A: 100-250 sq.ft
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1x 200ml Humidifier (does not include essential oils)
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual

  • Jordana January 25,2019
    very impressive!

    bought this for my baby' room.very quite when it's running on . very efficient.highly recommended

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